Unterstützen / Support

You can support our project in many ways. Join in as part of a building site open day or take part in one of our building workshops. Give us feedback and ideas on how we can develop our project.

Bringing Haus Bräutigam back into use requires extensive construction work, and building is very expensive. We are very grateful for the start-up funding our project has received through various funding programmes, without which Haus Bräutigam would no longer exist today. We have been able to repair the half-timbered structure and completely renew the roof. But before the building can be put into use, further investments are necessary.

We are most grateful for any support in the form of donations.

Account holder: Haus Bräutigam e.V.
IBAN: DE44 8306 5408 0004 1920 79
Bank: Deutsche Skatbank

Photography: Thomas Müller (c) IBA Thüringen