Über / About

Haus Bräutigam will be a place for different ways of spending time in the countryside, ranging from recreational time with friends and family to a retreat for remote working or different formats of individual or communal learning and research. Built in 1907 as a Sommerfrischehaus in the Schwarzatal valley, the house served for many years as a regionally typical summer residence and guesthouse. In the 1990s, however, it fell into disuse, and stood empty for nearly three decades. Since 2018, the Haus Bräutigam association has been actively restoring and refurbishing the house for new uses.

In future, Haus Bräutigam will once again accommodate guests, providing a new culture of hospitality that is open and inclusive, connected to the region and sustainable in its concept and outlook. Haus Bräutigam stands for a building culture that makes conscious use of resources, is sustainable and evolving as it is actively shaped by its use – whether as a building site, a guest house or as a place of learning.

As a model project for temporary forms of living and working in rural regions, Haus Bräutigam receives funding from the Free State of Thuringia. It is part of the IBA Thüringen international building exhibition and is supported by the foundation Stiftung Trias and the Zukunftswerkstatt Schwarztal. It also serves as a workshop and laboratory for exploring experimental approaches to building and everyday life, and their possibilities and limits in different constellations of communal and solitary activity, with a view to learning from them and sharing experiences.

Photography: Thomas Müller (c) IBA Thüringen