Mitmachen / Join

The activities of Haus Bräutigam e.V. are open to everyone who identifies with the work and goals of the association.

The easiest way to get involved is to visit one of our building site open days. Here you can lend a hand, learn or pass on construction skills and spend a worthwhile day in good company. Our building site open days take place irregularly about once a month. The best way to find out when is via Instagram or you can write us an email.

Our building workshops are a means of learning, trying out and applying building techniques in practice. Everyone has an opportunity to learn a particular technique or skill under the guidance of experts in compact workshops that run for several days. Haus Bräutigam is both the contruction siteand a hostel for the duratio of the workshop. It’s not all work: we also enjoy communal meals and trips to the surrounding countryside. 

Haus Bräutigam Building Workshop #1

Haus Bräutigam Building Workshop #2

Building Site Open Days